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Our Services

Our Services

Personal Loan

Everybody’s financial needs are different, and yet most of us at different stages of our life find a need to borrow money for all sorts of occasions. We believe it is important offer a flexible range of services and solutions for personal needs. We can help you reach your personal goals, be it small or big, long term or short term.

Document Requirement

  • 3 months payslip
  • 3 months bank statement
  • Photocopy of ic
  • Electrical & water bill
  • Latest EPF Statement

Business Loan

If you’re looking to raise capital to aid in the running of your business or your bank transaction are in urgent need of cash to cover/settle your Overdraft(OD),Banker’s Acceptance(BA),Letter of Credit(LC),Banker’s Guarantee(BG), Security Deposits(SD), Fixed or Term loan & etc, you’ll find the right financing package here.

Document Requirement

  • 6 months Bank statement
  • Photocopy of ic
  • Electrical Bill & Bill Sysbas ( House & Company)
  • SSM Profile
  • Form 24 & 49

Mortgage Loan

We believe that we will continue lead and continue to support you.Our mortgage loans are open for all business owners where by using your securities, a variety of stocks, real estate, and transport as well as the goods bill of lading, gold, watches or other documentation to prove ownership of the items as collateral.

Document Requirement

  • Form 24 & 49
  • M & A (Memorandum of Article & Association)
  • Outstanding Statement ( If any)
  • Grant
  • Original S & P (Sales & Purchase Agreement)
  • Loan Agreement
  • Quit Land & Assessment


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